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Data privacy under Republic Act No. 10173 encompasses the rights of individuals and obligations of organizations with respect to the collection, storage, use, share, disclosure, retention, and disposal of personal data in adherence to the principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality.

I am confirming that all information provided here are true and correct.  I understand that the PMMA GS reserves the right to revise any decision made on the basis of the information I provide should the information be found to be untrue or incorrect. 

I understand that by my enrolment registration/admission, I am allowing PMMA GS to collect, use and process my personal data where a legitimate educational interest such as research exists in its determination, as enumerated in the Privacy Policy of the PMMA GS.

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Upon my enrolment with PMMA and in consonance with the Declaration of Data Privacy as afore-stated, I do hereby voluntarily gives my consent without force, violence, intimidation, or any acts or circumstances which vitiates my consent, to PMMA to collect, use, store, update or modify, process, disclose or share my personal data such as but not limited to the following sensitive personal information – name, age, date of birth, civil status, religion, address, contact numbers and other contact information, records or documents, as requested or required by its proper authorities, subsidiaries or affiliates.

Likewise, I hereby gives consent to PMMAto have my photographs taken at any time, during or after enrolment and further gives consent to the use or share of my photographs with its officers and/or personnel for newsletter, email communications, marketing and/or website publications, newspaper or television, and for any other legitimate purpose and intent of the institution.